Man is inherently lazy and need inspiration to work or fulfil their purpose in life.  Different people have different sources of inspiration. Fear is a motivator.  It is an important one, but it is used primarily to establish order and parameters.  If we control people by fear only, we are poor leaders. Great leaders are moved by inspiration.

The bible teaches us that “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true at last, there is life and joy.”  Proverbs 13:12

Hope is the primary need for humanity. Man can live without food but cant live without hope. If we have no dreams and see no opportunities, we lose hope.  And when we lose hope, we get angry and feel unfulfilled, which may turn into despondency and will cause some to even commit suicide.  As long as there is hope, we can, and most of us will, keep on going.  Hope comes from seeing possibilities, and possibilities come from active and creative minds.

For good performance there is need to keep hope alive. To foster inspiration, we must create an environment where minds can work freely with in a set of parameters. The parameters become the framework or guideline for creativity.

To motivate means to stimulate the mind and spirit of a person.  This is what we call motivating by leading the minds of men and women.  This is done by igniting hope through presenting dreams and possibilities to them, which will inspire them to  pursue their future. They will be motivated from within, rather than controlled by external laws.  They are led, not driven.  This becomes their purpose or motive (reason) for living.  If we give people an incentive or dream within the framework of our personal goals and ambitions, both will benefit.  Our intent for inspiring others will always have to be for a win/win situation.  Otherwise it would be considered unfair and will boomerang on us.

What is your vision and purpose in life? You will begin to live the day you discover your purpose on earth.

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