About Nakivale Settlement

Help Refugees in Nakivale Resettlement

What we do:

STNM support churches in refugee camps by strengthening pastors and leaders networking through trainings, seminars, conferences and supporting many others churches’ program.

We do support to youth programs:

  • English lesson
  • Sport , Games and entertainment
  • Music lesson
  • Help orphans and other vulnerable people by providing food, medication and education support.
  • Networking with other local organizations through our local STNM team.

School Project in 3 years coming:

  • Primary school
  • Vocational & training center
  • Secondary school

Food For The Poor

We work every day to feed the hungry. Nakivale is among the 5 largest refugees camp in the world with a population of more than 250.000. Many families cross the board from their countries tortured, marginalized, traumatized, raped and with many other problems. When they arive, many times they come without anything with them apart from clothes. Un compagned children, very young girls with kids as a result of being raped, and other factors.

The harsh reality for these poor families is that if they cannot grow enough food or earn enough money to buy food, they are left to hope for a miracle of compassion. This is where you step in. Without an education or the opportunity to earn anything close to a living wage, they simply can’t afford the nutrition their children need to develop. For little ones, this lack of nutrition can quickly become lethal. You Can Prevent Malnutrition by your support to our programs. We rely on kind donors like you to provide life saving food for malnourished children and destitute families in need of support. Your donations will help us to quickly and efficiently get food to nutritional centers, clinics, prisons, churches and feeding programs in desperately poor communities.


How You Can Help Fight Poverty In Nakivale Resstlement


In addition to emergency relief (such as Feeding Centers and Nutritional from WFP) to help in the short-term, you can also offer long-term, sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in a resettlement and within Uganda through various income-generating projects. Some of these micro-enterprise initiatives include:

  • Fishing village projects
  • Agricultural research and training centers
  • Animal rearing projects
  • Woodworking shops
  • Sewing training center
  • Automobile/ motobikes repair shops
  • Local Bakeries
  • Women’s training centers
  • Donation of clothes, shoes, and other school/medical equipment’s


How You Can Help Orphaned or Abandoned Children

We protect vulnerable children through our STNM church sponsorship program.Every child deserves safe shelter, plenty of food and a chance to get an education. Sadly, many orphaned, abandoned or neglected children throughout the Resettlement don’t have a safe place to call  home.So many precious little ones are trying to survive day to day – unprotected from abuse, hunger, violence and sickness. We are on a mission to rescue and protect these vulnerable children.

Our loving donors can support homes that take in orphaned or abandoned children. Through the compassionate support through STNM family, you can sponsor a precious child living in one of these homes. Your support can give precious children all they need to grow up healthy – mentally, physically and spiritually.

When you become an Angel for them , you can instill hope, love, values and work ethic in a young person who could have fallen through the cracks. Together, we can empower orphaned or abandoned children and give them a chance to become the leaders of tomorrow.