Motive means the reason or motivation for how and why we do things. Why do you work? Why do you help the person you are helping? Is it for recognition, receiving praise, expecting them to help you in future? When you help a person with expectation of being helped back,  it is not charity but business. Imagine how people go to church or helping others just to get praises in return.

Today’s devotion help us to be kingdom focused. That God’s vision and purpose for our lives should be our source of motivation.

“No one, regardless of how shrewd or well-advised he is, can stand against the Lord.”  Proverbs 21:30

From the above scripture we learn that there is no substitute for God, nor can we compete against Him.  He knows what is right, what is best, and what will work.  The sooner we accept Him as the final authority and begin to structure our lives, business and country after His laws and principles, the better off we’ll be.  Life is not meant to be difficult—we make it difficult by operating on defiled motives.  Some lie, cheat and manipulate in order to get a deal, and then call it “being shrewd.”  This does not lead us to the good life, but to moral decay. Webster says shrewd is “worldly wise, clever or near to the truth.”  So it is important that we always seek for the truth.  Manipulating the truth or being clever or shrewd will eventually destroy us.

I pray that you will ask God to guide you in your plans and that God’s vision will be your source of inspiration for your life.

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