A king rejoices in servants who know what they are doing; he is angry with those who cause trouble.”  Proverbs 14:35

Trespassing . . . is to go beyond the limits of what is morally correct, or to transgress, or intrude beyond the pre-established parameters. A life without values is like a football game without rules of the game and without goal posts. God is our coach and sponsor, he expects us to respect rules of the game as well as to score goals for Him. Without goals and set values, it means we are living a life without purpose.

Interestingly enough, Jesus said that we should pray, “Father, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”  (Matthew 6:14).  Since trespassing means going beyond the limits, then there must be parameters or boundaries to live by. If the boundaries are not clearly marked, we may trespass and not know it. That is why the laws were given to Israelites as parameters.  So, as this Proverb states, “A king rejoices in his servants who know what they are doing.”  This means that the king had a purpose and job description with parameters for his servants, so they knew what to do to please him.

Without knowing the king’s will or purpose, it cannot become our will or purpose.  If the king or the company does not give us specific company policies with clear job description and goals, employees cannot measure their performance. On a personal level, have you set values for your life? It is these values that help us keep a life of intergrity.

From the above scripture, we learn that a king rejoices when servants “know what they are doing.”  Servants can only please the king if the king is clear with his expectations.  If we desire to live a life pleasing to God, we must ask Him to guide us in setting life goals in arcodance to his expections of us. We must set clear goals with parameters for our life purpose.




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