Today’s devotion we learn about listening. The word listen means to make an effort to hear or pay attention, to give heed, or to take advice. In listening we should listen to what others are telling us and listen to ourselves (Inner voice). We must be sensitive to listen to what is not said too and therefore ask for clarity. Many times people don’t say what they mean and others don’t mean what they say.

The bible in proverb 1:5  says,  “A wise man will hear,” meaning that if we are wise, we will be good listeners.  The reason that wise men listen is because they know they become wiser by listening.  Good listeners are seeking to learn more. Wisdom is not an inherited gift; rather, it is earned by listening and learning, and by observing and understanding. A good listener will usually have these four character traits:

  1. They are disciplined listeners than talkers. They listen with intent to learn not to answer back.
  2. They are seekers of truth. They want to know what is right, not who is right.
  3. They love quiet time—no radio, noTV, no reading, no interruptions. They like to have time to review what is inside them. They are thinkers.
  4. They are full of questions. They don’t want to misunderstand or be misunderstood.

As I conclude I ask you that before making any decision in life, always make a deep search in your heart. Many times we make decisions based on the outside appearance and influence. We should always make decisions based on our life purpose. What is the importance of riches or money if they don’t align with our destiny.

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