Listening to Constructive Criticism brings life

Listening to Constructive Criticism brings life

  “If you profit from constructive criticism you will be elected to the wise men’s hall of fame.”  Proverbs 15:31

No one likes critism. Yet we all need it in life. Because we live in a corrupt world, we all need people to keep check on our actions. I believe that even a negative critism received with a positive mind set becomes a life motivation. Some of us wouldn’t have reached where we are if we didnt have people fighting us. Let every cristism be a pushing factor to reach your great hights in life.

“I hate it!” is the most common response to the word criticism.  The dictionary defines criticism as “the act of analyzing or passing judgment.”  As strange as it may seem, we can benefit in our business and in our personal lives if we receive criticism with a positive mindset.  The benefits of critism vary:

  1. Become wise—we learn from thegood and the bad.
  2. Gain a powerful perspective—because we understand the critic.
  3. Gain good judgment—because we pursue truth not personalities. Our value for truth should always be greater than any feelings we have toward the person revealing the truth.

Since we all want to grow and experience the good life, we had better be prepared to listen to the critics.  But first, we must differentiate between the humanistic way and God’s way of criticism.

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