Judging others

Judging others

“Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight.”  Proverbs 18:17

One of the finest leadership qualities is to be able to make right judgments. Right judgments are not attained and then maintained; instead they are a God-given insight into each situation or person on a daily basis.  Leadership is really leading people through situations, keeping them focused on the desired end results.  This takes good judgment; otherwise, situations will turn into disasters.  Good leaders should always be concerned about their personal judgments or discernment—for their reputation and future are at stake.  Good judgment usually comes from people who:

  1. Are honest with themselves and have no hidden agendas.
  2. Are more concerned about what is right than who is right.
  3. Are not too proud to ask for other

In order to make right judgments, we must first judge ourselves (Matthew 7:2), because we tend to judge others according to our own perceptions.  We usually see in others what we see in ourselves.  If we have greed, hatred, or strife within us, we will think others to be the same.  We will judge them accordingly, because out of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).

Righteous judgments can be made only when we can see into the heart of the problem or person without our personal interests and feelings involved. That is not always easy because within every situation there are personalities involved.  Most of the problems are people problems involving emotions, hot tempers and some smooth talkers.  Everyone is trying to sell their side of the story.  And of course, no one wants to take the blame. So, good judgment comes from sorting out all the trash by listening to both sides of the problem until we sense the truth in a situation.

We need to know that dwelling on and blaming people for past mistakes stunts our present growth, because we are being held captive to the past, taking away our future.  Good judgment is often learned from mistakes that set the pace for the future.

May the LORD give you wisdom to always make the right judgemet in every decision of your life in Jesus’ name. Amen

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