“A soft answer turns away wrath.”  Proverbs 15:1

When we are confronted by someone, our natural tendencies are to get defensive and argumentative.  It’s because we don’t want to be proven wrong.  To be wrong is considered humbling, and it hurts our pride.  So we defend our position even when we know we are wrong or have exaggerated the truth.  No one is always right in every situation.  Yet, all of us are usually partly right.  It is this “partly right”

This gives us a chance to continue the discussion.  It is amazing how powerful words are in the hands of those who know how to use them.  The words “I’m sorry” are powerful, but when they come from a soft, sensitive tongue, they are disarming.  A s-o-f-t  sl-o-w answer is more powerful than tanks and guns.

We cannot have good communication without good relationships.  Good relationships give us the right to communicate our opinion without conflict. Poor communication destroys relationships, wastes a lot of time and energy, and hinders us in resolving problems.

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